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We are the Black Belts behind your success

We have decades of experience and plenty of stories to tell. We have seen a lot and done a lot.

We listen to our customers to meet and exceed their expectations.

We have fought our fights. We are so proud of what we learned that we decided to start Black Belts to boost your digital business.

Senior talent to boost your digital business

Why Black Belts?

Top experts to fuel your business growth that don’t break the bank. We offer end-to-end expertise, from ideation to implementation.

Our strengths are the deep understanding of the subject matter and the ability to make things work. We listen to our customers and that combined with our expertise will help find the right solution, together.

We have a very practical approach acquired through years of work in the business. We know the theory but we don’t get lost in it.

We are people and result driven. In all our actions we put people first, be them our customers or partners. We love challenges and are passionate about creating valuable solutions for our customers.

If the above resonates with you, contact us!

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The story

During my career, I have recruited hundreds of experts and experienced the pain of recruiting top talent. You can find junior or mid-level professionals anywhere but the true senior talents are few and far apart. And the price is astronomical.

What if top experts could be found from one place and with reasonable price? Then we could maximize customer value and their profit while maximizing the happiness and compensation of our experts. We found a way to make this work and founded Black Belt Consulting.

We strongly believe that people want to work in a company where they are appreciated and valued. They are more engaged and happier. We take great pride in our ability to attract the best and brightest minds into our ranks as experts. Why? Because our experts are all partners and own the company.

— Sameli Mäenpää, CEO